Eveson, Charles & Edna (Bowe) #260 *

Charles and Edna (Bowe) Eveson

According to family folklore, the marriage between Edna and Charlie was preordained. Charlie had already declared that “this is the girl I will marry” when Edna was only 14 years of age and a gallant, serious young Charlie stopped to fix her bicycle tire. And so it came to be.  Charlie and Edna were married during WWII on April 4, 1942 at St. Andrews Anglican Parish Church in the village of Skegby, Nottinghamshire, England.

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Beauchamp, Eric Marcel #520 *


Eric was born May 20th 1986. He truly enjoyed living in North Bay and spending time down at the waterfront area with friends and family. He would be so proud to be supporting the enhancement of the waterfront area through the Leaves of Inspiration Pergola. Eric was a very special and unique young man. He was a kind gentle soul who had a real zest for life. He was athletic, energetic, fun-loving and outgoing. He was the type of person anyone would be proud to have in their corner during good times and bad. People could always count on him to support and encourage them when things got tough.

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