Beauchamp, Eric Marcel #520 *


Eric was born May 20th 1986. He truly enjoyed living in North Bay and spending time down at the waterfront area with friends and family. He would be so proud to be supporting the enhancement of the waterfront area through the Leaves of Inspiration Pergola. Eric was a very special and unique young man. He was a kind gentle soul who had a real zest for life. He was athletic, energetic, fun-loving and outgoing. He was the type of person anyone would be proud to have in their corner during good times and bad. People could always count on him to support and encourage them when things got tough.

Eric was 15 when he was diagnosed with Cancer – a brain tumour. What a devastating situation for him, his family and everyone else who loved him. Despite his young age he taught us what it meant to be strong, brave, and optimistic. Like everything else in his life he faced this challenge with extreme courage and a desire to “Win the Battle”. He fought long and hard with great strength and perseverance for a little over 3 years. Eric lost his battle with cancer at the age of 19 on July 18th 2005.

When people ask us about Eric we tell them he is, was and will always be a hero to us. He possessed great spiritual and physical strength. He stood strong and proud against impossible odds in his attempt to overcome adversity despite his fears. He had strength of character and a resilience that was beyond measure.

Looking back and reflecting on those difficult few years we saw his true spirit and how fortunate we were to have known him.