North Bay’s Waterfront Pergola

Help bring North Bay’s Waterfront Park to life and make North Bay a better place to live

An image of North Bay's Museum area with a diagram of the Pergola's location.

On Nov 24, 2010, CWF (Community Waterfront Friends) launched its first-ever public fundraising efforts, the “Leaves of Inspiration Pergola”, to raise funds for our $1 million commitment to the final infrastructure phase of our Waterfront Park. This phase includes shaping and greening of the entire park which include berming, planting the initial trees and shrubs, development of the spiral mound for the future children’s area, the Civic Plaza, and landscaped parking areas.

The “Leaves of Inspiration Pergola” is a unique architectural masterpiece, a one of a kind sculpture, and a focal point in our 33 acre Waterfront Park in the heart of North Bay. The Pergola is a free-standing trellis-like structure that supports stainless steel numbered leaves engraved with the name of individuals who have inspired others -individuals, your family, your children, your parents, or non-profit organizations. Their story and photos will be displayed on a public kiosk at the Discovery North Bay Museum, as well as on this website. The stories will recount the strengths and values that have made our lives better and contributed to our community.

A rendering of our waterfront development plan.