Amos, Shirley & Harold #1041

Honoured by Donald Coutts and Nora Elliott-Coutts

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Stewart, Michael Alexis Bruce #1221 *

Honoured by his Family and Friends

Michael Alexis-Bruce Stewart – 1981 – 2012

Michael Alexis-Bruce Stewart was born December 21, 1981 in Timmins, Ontario.

An active child with a magnetic smile, his childhood focus was on drawing cartoons.

By the age of 12, Michael’s work in black and white was inspired, masterful, and remarkably detailed.

His adolescence brought the dawning of his love of music.  He spent hours teaching himself to read music, learning to play the guitar and listening to Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Pearl Jam and more.  He perused guitar magazines until they crumbled in his hands.

In high school, Michael connected with other musicians, jamming and dedicating himself to becoming a bass player, listening and adopting the skills of renowned guitarists past and present.

It was when Mikey moved to North Bay to attend a Graphics program at Canadore College that he felt he had found a home.  With a young, vibrant musical community, North Bay appealed to Michael as a place he could hone his talent, live the life style he chose for himself and be appreciated by like-minded people.  Michael also loved the Nipissing waterfront, walking and skateboarding for miles.

At the time of his tragic death at the age of 30, Michael was teaching himself classical guitar, playing a 5 string bass in three different bands, intending to complete his college education in graphic arts and wanting to learn several different languages.

Michael was an intelligent, humourous, independent thinker who read the likes of Chomsky and who inspired those around him with intelligent, thoughtful discussions on all manner of topics.

It was, however, Michael’s deep and abiding love that set him apart from others.  He accepted and protected the weak, the downtrodden, the forgotten people in society.  His empathy and openness to all who asked made him a beloved figure at home and in North Bay.  The following poem was written by his mother at the time of his death to capture his spirit:


Look into my eyes – find kindness

Look into my heart – find love

Look into my head – find knowledge of the ages

Look into my soul – find the music that reverberates through the dimensions.

Look at my hair – it ripples of generations

Look at my face – a cherub of Reuben’s kind

Look at my hands – the tools of creation reaching out with electric heat.

Look at my name – the angel who sits on the right hand of God.

Look at my body – dust to dust, ashes to ashes

Look at my life – and remember me

remember me

remember me.


Brenda Elizabeth Stewart, an adoring mother; September, 2012

Alger, F. David #1109

Honoured by his family.

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Aspin, Jimmy & Eugenie #1330

Honoured by Jay Aspin & Family.

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Ammerata, ‘Neddy’ #169

Honoured by Ted Thomson.

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Anthony, Dr. Desmond #35 *

Dr. Desmond Anthony was a distinguished academic, researcher, consultant and community leader for the City of North Bay.

A leading international researcher in the field of parasitology (study of parasites), Dr. Anthony was the first person to obtain a PhD in the discipline from the University of Alberta in 1967. Desmond Anthony was one or the ‘original six’ members who came to North Bay to start Nipissing University College, then an affiliate of Laurentian University before the academic institution received its charter in 1992. Dr. Anthony and his signature white lab coat, retired in 1995 after gracing the halls of Nipissing University for 28 years. Today, he is remembered at the university with a memorial scholarship that bears his name and is presented to an upper year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biology program.

Nipissing University is only a portion of Dr. Anthony’s contribution to the greater North Bay community. Dr. Anthony was very generous with his time. He chaired and belonged to several multi-disciplinary professional teams, civic and community organizations. He was a 21- year member of North Bay’s Planning Advisory Board, serving 18 years as chair or vice-chair. Dr. Anthony did extensive environmental and ecological consulting for numerous organizations in Canada and for governments in international countries including Guyana and Jamaica. Locally, he is remembered for his ground-breaking work with ‘swimmers itch’ in both Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake.

Because of his reputation as an expert in his field, Dr. Anthony had the opportunity to be an active participant on several highly-selective and highly regarded international delegations, including the International Medical and Scientific Tropical Medicine and Environment Delegation to the People’s Republic of China and the International Observer Delegation in Martinique, West Indies.

In summation, Dr. Anthony’s work has touched many lives and will continue to do so in the future.

Honoured by the Anthony family