Durocher, Jeannine & Marcel #257 *

Our mother, Jeannine Thibodeau was born on August 20, 1931 in Beauceville, Québec.  Daughter of Anna Roy and Alphonse Thibodeau.

Our father, Marcel Durocher was born on March 4, 1929 in Cléricy, Québec.  Son of Lodowiska Lemay and Jules Durocher.

Mom and Dad met in 1948, where mom worked with her family cooking in a lumberjack camp.  Our grand-father, Jules Durocher, owned a lumber business.  Mom and Dad married on May 28, 1949 and had a son, Denis, born in Cléricy.

Word had it that there was an abundance of lumber in Northern Ontario; Jules and Lodo moved to North Bay.  Their adult children and their grand-children followed.  Jeannine and Marcel had five other children, Céline, Gilles, Éveline, Doris and Lina, all born in North Bay.

Our father worked for his father at what came to be known as “Durocher Planing Mill”.  The lumber that churned out of that business provided wood to build many houses here in North Bay back in those days.  Mom and Dad built a home not far from the mill and spent many years there raising their children on a hobby farm.  Our parents loved to expose us to the farm experience which delighted every one of us.  We had so many different animals over the years that I can’t even begin to list them all.  One of us had a pet skunk at one time and another, a pet monkey!

Our home was also the gathering place for many family gatherings.  Many a Saturday afternoon visit from an aunt and uncle would turn into a full out party in our rec room fully equipped with a piano, a pool table and lots of room to dance, while the children played hide and seek inside and outside till the wee small hours of the morning!

We miss you and think about you every day.  We pray that you are watching over us and lovingly see your family growing bigger and bigger.  It pains us to know that the new additions to our family will never know how big your hearts were, how good your cooking was, Mom, and how much joy you had creating a gift for someone from a piece of wood in your garage, Dad.

How we miss your laughter and your smiles!

Rest in peace Mom and Dad!  We love you more than you’ll ever know!

Your loving children

Denis (with you in heaven), Céline, Gilles, Éveline, Doris, Lina

________________________________________________________ Notre mère, Jeannine Thibodeau, est née le 20 août 1931 à Beauceville, Québec.  Elle était la fille d’Anna Roy et d’Alphonse Thibodeau.

Notre père, Marcel Durocher, est né le 4 mars 1929 à Cléricy, Québec.  Il était le fils de Lodowiska Lemay et de Jules Durocher.

Mom et Dad, comme on les appelait, ce sont rencontrés en 1948, où Mom travaillait avec sa famille à faire la cuisson dans un camp de bûcheron.  Notre grand-père, Jules Durocher, travaillait dans le bois.  Mom et Dad ont été mariés le 28 mai, 1949 et notre mère a donné naissance à leur fils, Denis, né à Cléricy.

Jules a appris qu’il y avait une abondance de bois dans le nord de l’Ontario, alors Jules et Lodo ont déménagés à North Bay.  Leurs enfants et petits-enfants ont suivies.  Jeannine et Marcel ont eu cinq autres enfants, Céline, Gilles, Éveline, Doris et Lina, tous nés à North Bay.

Jules a établi une compagnie qui s’appelait « Durocher Planing Mill » et notre père travaillait pour son père.  Plusieurs maison à North Bay, de cette époque, ont été construite avec du bois provenant du moulin de notre grand-père.  Mom et Dad ont battis une maison tout près du moulin à scie où ils ont passés plusieurs années à élever leurs enfants sur une petite fermette.  Nos parents adoraient nous faire vivre la vie de ferme qui nous a tous enchantés.  Nous avons eu tellement d’animaux différent que c’est difficile de tous les énumérés.  À un moment donné, un de nous avait une mouffette, et une autre un singe!

Notre maison à très souvent été la maison où se rassemblait la famille Durocher.  Certain samedi, une visite d’une tante et un oncle devenait une énorme fête dans notre sous-sol équipé d’un piano, une table de billard et de la place pour danser, tandis que les enfants jouaient à la cachette dehors jusqu’aux petites heures du matin!

Nous vous manquons and nous pensons à vous à toute les jours.  Nous prions le ciel que vous veillez sur nous, votre famille qui grandit toujours.  Nous avons du chagrin quand nous pensons que les nouveaux membres de notre famille ne connaîtrons jamais comment grand était vos cœur, comment c’était bon de manger chez grand-maman, et quelle joie on avait de recevoir un plat fait dans le garage de pépère.

Nous manquons votre rire et vos sourires!

Reposez en paix Mom et Dad!  Vous ne saurez jamais à quel point nous vous aimons!

Avec amour, vos enfants

Denis (au paradis avec vous), Céline, Gilles, Éveline, Doris, Lina

Dart, Glenda #253 *

Honoured by her loving family.

Born October 29th, 1939 in Nakina, Ontario, to parents Marion and Heimo Dart, Glenda went on to graduate as a nurse in 1960 and then spent the next forty years employed in the maternity department at North Bay’s St. Joseph’s General Hospital.

Though she never had children of her own, she was a compassionate care-giver to a multitude of new mothers and their little arrivals over those many years of service. In her retirement years, Glenda enjoyed being with her family and travelling with friends. She was an active member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary, Branch 23 North Bay; the North Bay Golden Age Club and volunteered at the North Bay Regional Health Centre until her passing on December 27th, 2013.



Duquette, Rene #1130

Honoured by Ann-Marie Bourke and Family

Thank you for honouring Rene Duquette with a Leaf of Inspiration for the Waterfront Pergola.  Story to follow.

Daly, Barb & Jim & Family #428

Honoured by Barb’s “Kids” – Elliana & Ben, Sonja & Calder

Thank you for honouring Barb and Jim Daly with a Leaf of Inspiration and for supporting your Community Waterfront Park project.  Story to follow.

Deschene, Aline #322 *

Honoured with much love from her 20 grandchildren:

Sylvie, Lise, Eric, Amanda, Shannon, Erin, Erica, Brianne, Heather, Stephanie, Stacey, Lindsay, Courtney, Kristin, Carly, Jennifer, Alison, Kendra, Ashley, Caitlyn

Aline Beatrice Deschene (nee Gauvin) was born on December 19th, 1932 in Corbeil to parents Ernestine (née Charette) and Antonio Gauvin.  Aline was raised in North Bay along with five siblings: Cecile, Thérèse, Dorval, Mignonne and MarieRose.

On January 19th 1948 Aline married Edgar Deschene in North Bay.  They had six children: Patricia (Émilio), Cecile (John), Charles (Elizabeth), Louise (Robert), Alice (Gerry), Colette (Dalton).  Aline has been a hard worker all her life, she stayed at home raising her children as well as helping her husband Edgar who was a stone mason, lifting and loading rocks from the quarry.  Aline then worked for Deluxe Transportation for 23 years as a school bus driver.

Aline has always been a very loving and generous mother who has always made herself available for her children.  She has many nieces and nephews who still drop in to visit with her often.  A hub of activity, her house has always been filled with family and friends.  Along with her 20 grandchildren, Aline currently has 11 great-grandchildren with three more on the way.

Aline has spent many years volunteering her time and giving back to the North Bay community.  Last year she received her 25 Years of Volunteer Service from Nipissing Manor. Aline volunteered at Leisure World for over 20 years spending time helping others.  She has been a long time member of Les Filles D’Isabelle helping to raise funds for church and school needs.  Aline has been an active member of the Comité de Sympathie helping to organize and prepare meals for funerals in her parish, St. Vincent De Paul, where she was also a Eucharistic Minister up until a few years ago.

Aline has many interests and hobbies; she loves to knit and always has orders from her large family for baby sweaters, Christmas stockings, mittens, etc.  She is a great card player and has even been known to act in several church plays with her friends.  She is a wonderful cook and was known throughout North Bay for her wonderful pies (sugar, fruit, tourtière, etc.) as well as her famous fudge.  Aline has always been lively with a sense of adventure, she used to take several of her 20 grandchildren for days at a time throughout the summer; there was never a dull moment!

Aline has always been the well-loved matriarch of our large family, she continues to guide and support her children and grandchildren through her wisdom, experience and humour.  Many wishes for continued health and happiness, we love you.