Carr, Lela Robena #123 *

Honoured by Sheila Carr.

Lela Robena Carr nee Eaton

As a child of twelve, on the death of her Mother, Lela took over the household responsibilities of the Eaton family of five boys, a younger sister and her Father.
At age 18 she married Roy Earnest Carr on his return from war in 1920. Her only child, Gordon, was born January 1st, 1929.

Lela was a dedicated homemaker and church worker, cheerfully baking and entertaining friends and family. Until her 87th birthday she could be found at her ironing board or pulley-clothesline or making homemade soap on the stove. Her grandchildren looked forward to a full cookie jar at each visit to her little house.
Each Christmas she thrilled Michael, Laural, Nancy and Robert with a picnic hamper full of homemade doughnuts and “hard as a rock” ginger cookies. After Christmas Eve church she served her special suet pudding filled with raisins and covered with butterscotch sauce to her smiling brood of grandchildren.

Lela was free with advice – about raising children, their clothes and activities. Pets had no place in her home – too dirty!

She believed in hard work and accepting hard times without complaint. She patiently cared for Roy at home after his stroke until his death. Her one complaint happened when she could not pay her monthly bills with cash. Part of her social life involved her three kilometre walk downtown to chat with the girls at the bank, hydro or City Hall.

At eighty-eight years Lela soldiered through the loss of her only child, Gordon.
We loved her. She was a loving and trusting Mother-in-law and I still miss her and honour her!