Fielder, Ted #122 *

Honoured by Sheila Carr.

Theodore Miles Fielder

What our dad has inspired in us: (from the daughters of Ted M. Fielder)
Dare to imagine, dream, turn ideas into opportunities, set goals and take action. Be courageous, confident, and calm at least always try to keep your head about you or appear that way! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; learn from them. Keep a stiff upper lip. Remember, reflect, and never forget. Always forgive. Live life to its fullest; don’t look back with regret. Look forward with anticipation.
Laurie, Sherry, Leslie, Caralee

My Husband, Ted Fielder
We met in the early 50’s as young married couples. The Ted Fielders (four girls and mom Bette) visited North Bay for a week at Turtle Lake (in J.L. Shaw’s log camp) with the Carr family. The outing involved fishing, swimming, canoeing, sailing and roughing it – ie no electricity and a walk to the outhouse.

We both lost our spouses in the early 1990’s and found romance for the second time after 65. How could I be so lucky to find an old friend who loves to travel, is patient and understanding of my Aries traits (determined, independent and stubborn)? He inspires me. He is generous, loving, thoughtful and patient.
He has become my in-house secretary as a result of his computer skills – how lucky am I? He is a loving father to four wonderful daughters – all great Mothers to his eight grandchildren.

He makes me laugh, never holds a grudge and only gets angry at himself. He is everything a second husband should be – trusting, understanding, romantic with a sense of humour.

I love you so!

PS – I still think Bette trained you well.