Webber Shaw, Edith #124 *

Edith Webber Shaw – Our Mother

Edith was the youngest child of Sophie Langton and James Webber. She led a charmed life.

Having two older brothers to do the farm work and two older sisters to help with the house chores Edith had time to teach herself to play the piano by ear. In fact she was hired by the local silent movie house to provide appropriate background music for the silent films. It was here that she met John Loudon Shaw, a travelling salesman for Canada Packers. It was love at first sight for the gangly Scotsman, recently arrived from Bothwell, Scotland. They eloped in November 1929.
Arriving in North Bay as a new bride with no experience as a homemaker she set her mind to learn to cook and she read her etiquette book regularly. The “Purity Cook Book edition 1929”was well used. A “proper” table was always set.

With great difficulty she delivered her first child Sheila in 1931 – followed by a second daughter Jacqueline – then a son Gary all within six years. While J.L. established his new business Macdonald and Sons Beverages, Edith, with help, during the day managed the household.

Mom insisted on good manners at the table and outside the home. She taught us tolerance and – against Dad’s orders – continued to feed the “hobos” when they appeared at the back door during the “hungry 30’s”.

Edith was never happier than when she could play the piano. When young we would fall asleep most nights to her soft renditions of the old popular tunes. If she could hum it – she could play it.

Our Mother was a gift to us. This gentle reserved lady was hardworking, spiritual, loving, kind, generous and loyal. Her home was her castle. She will never be forgotten by her children, grandchildren and anyone who crossed her path.

Honoured by Sheila, Jackie, Gary.