Stroud, Jay #1414 *

Honoured by his family and friends.

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend. These words describe the man we are honoring with this leaf, but there was so much more to Jay Stroud.

He was a Jack of all trades who knew how to put an engine together in his sleep, and knew how to fix anything. If you had a problem, he could solve it with his hands, his laughter or Duct Tape. If he didn’t know the answer, he would find you a book that would have the answer.

Jay Stroud was born in Streetsville, Ontario in 1949. The youngest of 5 children born to Alma and James Stroud, he was always given hand me downs and was the last one in the cold bathwater, but never complained. He would often tell stories about his youth and there was something about the way he told them that made you feel like you were there. He didn’t have it easy, but he grew up knowing the value of a dollar, and had a work ethic like no other.

Jay had quite an interesting youth. He and his brothers were considered troublemakers back in the 60’s. They raced cars and did what boys do, much to the frustration of their mother, who would often be found pulling them apart during a tense stand off. At 24, Jay lost his father due to illness and quickly became the rock that everyone counted on. A strong man, Jay became the husband and father his own father would have been proud of.

A diesel mechanic all his life, he worked hard to support his family. His knowledge of Mack trucks was extensive and everyone knew it. He was the man you would call if your truck needed a fix and many people in town respected his opinion and hard work. He understood Customer Service and took great pride in the quality of his work.

He also knew how to laugh and have fun. He was a natural comedian who was the life of the party. If there was a camera around, he would often ‘Ham’ it up and create cherished memories that we all hold so dear. He had a language all his own, and lucky for us, we all spoke it.

Jay was a wonderful husband and best friend to Cathy for 42 years. Having met when they were just kids in high school, they went through this life as a team. They raised 3 kids and did it with an ease and warmth that only true love brings. Although things were not always easy they faced every challenge together and came out stronger and happier on the other side.

As a father he was brilliant. He was always kind and thoughtful, and respected his children. He let them spread their wings and fly and always let them know that they had roots and a home to come back to. There was so much laughter surrounding him. His ability to calm every fear, and solve every problem made him the best Dad to his children.

Jay adored his four grandchildren. Each and every one of them carries traits of him with them into the future. He was proud of them and treasured the moments he shared with them. Whether making hot chocolate, sitting around a Bon Fire or just hanging out reading a story, he was always fun to be around. He always had a joke or a funny story and a warm hug if needed. He loved them all dearly and was loved in return.

Jay could always be found puttering around his garage, which he named “The Lodge”. He loved it in there and would often invite friends over to sit and enjoy the scenery and sunshine that he loved so much. In fact, no invitation was required. If you were in the neighborhood, you were always welcome to pop in for a cold one and some conversation about fishing, a good joke and maybe some tall tales about your youth.

Whether he was just taking a nice long walk or tossing a ball with the dog, he enjoyed being outside, even though mosquitoes seemed to love him, much to his frustration. It was pretty rare that he would be found inside the house on weekends. There was always something to do outside, unless there was a NASCAR race on and of course, being a true “meat and potatoes” man, he would never miss Sunday’s traditional Roast Beef dinner.

He watched every NASCAR race he could and even attended some official events. For many years he raced locally at the Speedway, and had trophies to show for his hard work. He liked classic cars as well, and often talked about his 1956 Red Chevy he owned in his youth. A photograph of it still hangs in a frame on the wall.

He was well known for being an honest, hard working man and he would be proud of that legacy. He leaves behind a wife who loved him and a family that adored him. This world is not the same without him, and our family hopes that this leaf and story will give those that knew him some comfort and those that didn’t some idea of who he was and will always be.

We love you and miss you.

Cathy, Jason, Wes, Lori, Holly,
Cody, Ashley, Parker, Tyler,
family and friends

Jay Stroud: Forever in our hearts

The Broken Chain

We little knew that morning that it was your last day,
In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you, the day you left us.

You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you, you are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same,
But as we leave this earth, one by one, the chain will link again.

I’d like the memory of me
to be a happy one.
I’d like to leave an after glow
of smiles when life is done,
I’d like to leave an echo
whispering softly down the ways,
Of happy times and laughing
times and bright and
summer days.
I’d like the tears of those who
grieve, to dry before the sun,
Of happy memories that I leave
When life is done.