Etmanski, Brian #917 *

Honoured by the Baytones

You will always be remembered by The Baytones…

Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what someone has meant to us in his lifetime.  Not so for anyone who was lucky enough to know Brian Etmanski.  When speaking of and remembering Brian, what comes to mind are thoughts of a man of honour, devotion and great character, wearing many and varied hats as he walked through his all-too-short lifetime in his beloved home of North Bay.

Devoted son, brother, uncle, husband, dad, grandfather; dedicated nurse, talented singer, musical leader; champion in his own right as well as champion of and for others, and perhaps the most meaningful for us, friend: these are just some of the descriptors of Brian.

Son of Max and long-time Baytones Harmony Chorus Inc. member, Rita Etmanski, Brian served as the Baytones’ musical director for several years working diligently to improve and showcase the talents of the membership.  During this happy time, his love of music in partnership with his knowledge, encouragement and dedication served to challenge and inspire us to improve our craft and share it with family, friends and community.  It is our great honour to continue that legacy and in so doing, to honour the love of music that our dear friend brought to and nurtured within us.  “Thank you Brian.”