Nipissing District Women’s Institute #259 *

Nipissing District Women’s Institute

In 1940 the District of Parry Sound accepted branches from Nipissing area to their District Annual.  Fees from three branches were accepted.  They were Calvin, Phelps and Mattawa.  Others joined later.

In May 1948 six branches withdrew to from the Nipissing District Women’s Institute.

Mattawa formed in 1907 – 2004 (disbanded)

Calvin formed in 1910 – (disbanded)

Ferona in 1912 – (disbanded)

Nipissing Junction in 1930 – (disbanded)

Phelps in 1939

North Star in 1946 – April 30, 1967 (disbanded)

Trout Mills November 7, 2947

Rutherglen in 1950 – (disbanded)

Kipling in 1953 – 2003 (disbanded)

Thibeault Hill approximately 1958 – 1985 (disbanded)

Gateway in June 5, 1959 – last entry in Minute Book is February 27, 1964 (disbanded)

Veuve River in 1983 – 1984 (disbanded)

Chisholm, North Parry Sound, joined Nipissing District as the other branches in their district had disbanded.

Members attended the Associated Country Women of the World in Toronto 1953.

North Bay Nugget attended several District Annuals and took pictures of the Executives.  Money was collected for Blue Cross so members could be covered for health problems.  There were bus trips to different parts of Ontario 1964 – 2013 – a total of 52 trips, at nominal prices with four women to a room.

The Women’s Institute sponsored 4H Homemaking Clubs for girls, later 4H Club for boys and girls. Extension Courses were taught to the adults some of which were upholstering, canning, hat making and many other subjects.

The Gertrude Phillips Award was given to the Branch that was the most active in W.I. Projects. Several members have been on the Provincial Board over the years.

The Women’s Institute’s motto is “For Home and Country”