Alger, Violet #51 *

Memorial Prose: Violet Fleurette Bramhall Roberts Alger

These are our attempts to capture the beauty and caring of Violet Alger, an exemplary individual. We would like to talk about her love of the arts, interest in education, her ability to love others unselfishly, and her talents as a homemaker extraordinaire. This will give you some concept of Violet and her contribution to her family and her community.

Mom was a great teacher. Her general knowledge was extensive. She was exceedingly well read and frequent trips in her later years made her a fascinating conversationalist.

Her lifelong passion for classical music and live theater gave her and many others, great joy. A yearly trip was made to Stratford, with at least one child in tow, to enjoy the plays. She was actively involved in the theater guilds of North Bay and Niagara-on-the-Lake. She made theatrical costumes, developed and ran the Gateway Theatre Guild’s costume department and retail costume rental store that was a huge revenue source, for many years. She was involved in most all their productions both back stage and on stage. The most fun she had was a lead role in Arsenic & Old Lace. Vi was one of the old maid sisters and she was amazing!

After taking Communication Arts at Canadore College she developed a children’s TV show called Mother Goose. Her viewers loved her stories. While she lived in Australia she promoted, developed, wrote and starred in, her Mother Goose Stories for a TV series for Australian Public Television.

Mom was a wonderful homemaker. There were always cookies or a slice of cake, to share with visiting friends. She taught her daughters and daughters-in-law, to cook, bake and to sew, at which she excelled.

We admired her most for her ability to discipline with love, thoughtfulness, and fairness. She did not raise her voice or her hand to us. Boredom or mischief resulted in more chores being assigned or “grounding”. We feel privileged to have Vi as a mother and role model and her wisdom still lives in our hearts.

Mom was in so many ways an artist. Her most amazing artistry blossomed in her celebration of all special family events. Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve, Graduations, Anniversaries and especially birthdays, were all reasons to give those she loved, an incredible, joyful celebration. Secretly, I always knew she enjoyed making my birthday the most special Birthday of all, (and she always succeeded.) I miss you every day Mom…..but never more than on my birthday.

Summers were a casual affair at the cottage on Trout Lake. We earned 10 cents a bucket for berries which were made into fruit crisp, jams or frozen for winter desserts.

Mom could always see the beauty in Nature and appreciated what humans created through art, carpentry, music, pottery, etc. She is an inspiration to us all as we attempt to emulate her example.

Violet Alger was a wonderful mother, a loving grandmother and a caring wife. We all think of her daily and we all miss her.

Love to her always,

Her Children;
Caroline, Gerald, David, Martha, Kathy and Jean

Her Grandchildren;
Jeffery, Karen, Cindy, Stephan, Kevin, Beverly, Jennifer, Emily, Ian, & Elaine