Paine, Dr. Donald Thomas Hardy #49 *

Honoured by Vicky Paine Mantha.

Dr. Donald Thomas Hardy Paine, M.B., B.S., F.R.C.S.(E), F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S., L.M.S.S.A., L.M.C.C., M.C.M.A.

Born July 20, 1921 in London, England, Don achieved academic and athletic excellence early in life. Wartime necessity pushed him from veterinarian school into medical school, and, after surviving, and helping many others survive the London bombings of WWII, he graduated from Guy’s School of Medicine in London. Well established as a proficient surgeon and urologist, Don’s plan was to escape the effects of post-war socialized medicine and economic hardship in England by sailing to Canada in 1956, to start a new life with greater opportunity.

Don arrived in Montreal with wife Barbara and their firstborn son, Richard, on January 1, 1956. Don and Barbara went on to form an inseparable, devoted, and happy partnership for 57 years. When the family settled in North Bay, he provided innovative medical service to Northern Ontarians as an urologist and general surgeon for the next 22 years. Against all odds, Don led the establishment of the Northern Ontario Kidney Dialysis Unit at Civic Hospital, without any initial financial support from the Ministry of Health. The North Bay Dialysis Unit thrives today and for more than 40 years, has extended the lives of many patients.

In 1979, Don and his wife Barbara “escaped” impending socialized medicine for a second time, as he would explain in great detail over the years, moving to South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, where he, and especially Barbara, spent the next 30 years thoroughly enjoying the sun and warmer climate.

He was renowned for his boundless but controlled energy, quick wit, questioning of the status quo, non-political-correctness, and strong vocal opinions on many subjects. He especially loved to expound on his “big C” conservative viewpoints and loved debate. A passionate sailboat racer, he co-founded with Don Rumble the Trout Lake Wayfarer Sailing Fleet that held weekend amateur races in North Bay for 25 years. Don went on to compete in the Wayfarer world championships in 1974 in England with son Nicholas. In all these races, friends and family were never promoted to captaincy!

Known for his feelings about motorboats (“stink pots!”), motorbikes, and the “racket” of rock and roll music, he preferred playing by ear on his grand piano for the enjoyment of others. An avid tennis player until the young age of 87 years, Don was always active, taking up recreational curling and skiing as an adult while living in North Bay. Don thoroughly enjoyed socializing, a good party, and a “tall” glass of single malt.

For many years, Don made a sport of challenging the Ontario Ministry of Health as an active sitting member of the Ontario Medical Association Board, and subsequently, as an honorary lifetime member of the Medical Associations in three countries. He was a proud Rotarian for 40 years, including serving as president of the North Bay Rotary Club in 1972. Don exhibited his strong work ethic in treating his patients seven days a week throughout his medical career in England, Canada and the USA . Earlier in his life, Don enjoyed investing in property and new business ventures. His lifelong stock and options trading pastime “went online” in the mid 1980s and became a primary source of entertainment for him. His favourite advice to all was “Die broke”! Never let the government get their hands on another penny of your money.”

Don was a highly committed family patriarch who relished Christmas gatherings and summer family reunions at the cottage on Trout Lake. There was always a spark in his eyes and a smile on his face as he pontificated to the captive family audience. He was one of a kind, and always pushing family, friends and young professionals to do their best, in whatever their passion or endeavor.

Don passed away January 28, 2011. He will be sorely missed by his surviving wife Barbara, who now resides at Cassellholme in North Bay, and his children Richard (Catherine), Vicky (Ray), Nicholas (Susan), and Penny, and his six grandchildren Max, Alex, Morgan, Hunter, Logan, and Jagger.