Paine, Barbara Josephine #48 *

Honoured by her Family.

Barbara Josephine Paine was born October 22, 1926 in London, England in a small place called Oswaldtwistle. Barbara achieved academic excellence early in life despite wartime interfering with normal studies. Wartime necessity pushed her from an engineering interest which started with fixing radios in the bomber planes, and eventually to nursing. After surviving, and helping many others survive the London bombings of WWII, she graduated with a Nursing degree in London, England. Well established as a proficient nurse she caught the eye of surgeon and urologist, Don Paine at the Blackpool Hospital in England. They fell in love after a rocky start of “who’s boss” in the emergency room and married in 1954. Their plan was to escape the effects of post-war socialized medicine and economic hardship in England by sailing to Canada in 1956, to start a new life with greater opportunity.

They arrived in Montreal with their infant firstborn son Richard on January 1st, 1956. They worked in Hamilton before moving to North Bay and she and Don went on to form an inseparable, devoted, and happy partnership for 57 years. When the family settled in North Bay, Barbara was introduced to major snow and cold! She raised three children and provided nursing and administrative support in her husband’s medical practice where they introduced innovative medical services and served Northern Ontarians for the next 22 years. Barbara was the strength and charisma behind Don in all they tackled and engaged in, including the establishment of the Northern Ontario Kidney Dialysis Unit at Civic Hospital, without any initial financial support from the Ministry of Health. The North Bay Dialysis Unit thrives today and, for more than 40 years, has extended the lives of many patients.

She opened her home to both her mother and her mother in-law from England for a great many years while raising three young children. Her selflessness, patience and empathy for others will be rewarded in heaven!

In 1979, Barbara and Don “escaped” impending socialized medicine for a second time, leaving all children behind in Canada as they would laugh and explain in great detail over the years, moving to South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, where they spent the next 30 years thoroughly enjoying the sun and warmer climate.

Barbara was renowned for her fabulous parties, her openness and caring of all newcomers to North Bay, having been one herself. She had boundless energy for shopping and decorating, a quick wit, easy laugh, an interest in people, and used a trial lawyer technique for questioning new acquaintances out of a sheer interest in knowing what makes them “tick”. She put up with Don’s lack of political-correctness, and she held her own strong opinions on many subjects.

She was a long suffering crew or sail-mate to her passionate racer husband, who co-founded with Don Rumble the Trout Lake Wayfarer Sailing Fleet that held weekend amateur races in North Bay for 25 years. She was an intrepid crew member handling the spinnaker, competed with Don in all weather, and always obeyed his barking orders in order to win the many races on Trout Lake. In all these races, she was always SECOND mate as friends and family were never promoted to captaincy!

She loved to be involved in all kinds of activities and was an avid tennis player; she took up recreational curling and skiing as an adult when first coming to North Bay so she could not only understand these Canadian sports but as well meet interesting people. Barbara was always game for something fun and new. She was an adventurous traveller, experiencing Egypt and places afar before it was common place, sailing down the Grand Canyon on a rubber raft in the 60’s, and bareboat racing in Greece and the Bermuda triangle to name a few.

As a mother, she was the caring steady force raising three head- strong children. Her support and strength in providing guidance to them during the tumultuous 70’s and 80’s were rewarded as they all survived in one piece and graduated from University to lead rich and rewarding lives.

Barbara was a highly committed family matriarch who relished Christmas gatherings and summer family reunions on Anita Avenue, in Hartsville, Myrtle Beach or at the cottage on Trout Lake. There was always a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face as the captive family brought the homesteads to life with chatter and laughter. She was one of a kind, always pushing family, friends and young professionals to do what they do best, and with passion.

Barbara now resides at Cassellholme in North Bay, unfortunately suffering from dementia. Her children Richard (Catherine), Vicky (Ray), Nicholas (Susan), and Penny, and her six grandchildren Max, Alex, Morgan, Hunter, Logan, and Jagger will always be around to help her remember the good times and keep these memories alive.