Nine of Hearts #369 *

Honoured by the Nine of Hearts Members.


We ladies gathered in the winter of 1992
For quilting, knitting, gossip – just something to do
We started with five members, then thought we’d add more
We’re now at nine, but who’s keeping score?

We try each year a quilt to donate
To what worthy cause? Our standard debate
We piece together blocks that we trade and share
And hope that our quilt shows that we really care.

These ladies really need no special introduction
But I’ll highlight/relate each talent and function.

First off, there is ANNE, our “Bag” lady it’s true
She’s into antiques and glass that is blue
DIANE, motorcycle rider who has quilter “Mom”
Is computer smart and makes great cake with rum.

JOANNE, major volunteer, has heart of pure gold
Loves chocolate and purple or so I’ve been told.
Quilt stores in town have a KATHRYN “Alert”
She has “fabricaholic” tendencies, even at work.

“Guru” LOUISE-charter member- has extensive collection
For her to stop quilting is out of the question.
LYNN keeps busy organizing each and every one
Whose home? What dessert? Has project been done?

SUE, esteemed teacher and Baltimore quilt “Queen”
Her mitered corners and appliqué, the best that you’ve seen
VICKY “Thirties” fabrics and gardening keep her real busy
Add working full time, makes the rest of us dizzy.

On Wednesdays each week, we’re always together
Volunteering or quilting, whatever the weather
We’ll keep working hard till the hour – eleventh
This explanation courtesy of RUTH ANNE DRENTH.

P.S. Nothing rhymes with Drenth

Ruth Anne Drenth Vicky Sutherland
Louise Davies Diane Szewczyk
Lynn Palangio Anne Quast
Kathryn Newman Joanne Comerford
Susan Steele