Beachey, Dianne # 1031 *

In Memory of Dianne Beachey
1960 – 2008

Dianne Beachey was a great influence on family and friends, as well as anyone who knew her. One of the nicest things about the special memories I’ve gathered through the years, she was a part of so many.

Someone once said Dianne was so many things to so many people. If needed she could be your lawyer, nurse, mother, friend, counsellor, match-maker and great hairdresser; and if anything came up, you would want her on your side.

There was nothing in this world that she wouldn’t do for her only child ‘Mysty’ and husband ‘Champ’ of 29 years. She was there for family and influenced her nieces and nephews to always leave them with great impact of fond memories; and in return was loved beyond belief. She was Number One.

She had two sisters – Laurie and Belva-Jo and one brother, Terry, who looked up to her as well. She was a shining example in time of sickness, never showing her pain, always up beat and looking healthier than most. Dianne never gave up. What an impact and example she left on all who knew her. She has left such a mark and none of our lives will ever be the same without her!

Thanking God that he gave us 47 years of knowing her beauty, wisdom and honour of her shining light, that is still the brightest star in the sky.

Honoured by her mother – Ella Beachey, and family.