Dorie, Ellen Jessie #128 *

Be Still and Know

It was January 28, 1953 and the sun rays glistened on the snow filled fields as Margaret looked out from her car window in anticipation of what would soon be taking place.  Dr. Elsie Crawford stated “What a Peewee” as she delivered the six pound blond, blue-eyed darling, who was named Ellen Jessie Engstrom.

In a few short days Mom and Ellen were on their way home from Sudbury General Hospital to the Kipling area to join her dad, Joseph, and her sister Shirley.  Her home was a log cabin, without running water or electricity, which overlooked fields of hay and oats that her parents farmed.  During Ellen’s childhood years, her blond braids were always a part of her, and she loved to be her dad’s sidekick, wherever he was.

Joe and Margaret along with the girls attended Kipling Baptist Church, which is located at the northern end of Deer Lake.  The church building overlooks the lake as if it is keeping watch over the community.  Kipling Baptist Church was where Ellen accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and later as a young adult on July 1978 was baptized in those same waters at Camp Norland.

In 1976, Ellen returned to Sudbury to attend Cambrian College and to obtain her registered nursing diploma.  She supported herself through school by working at various nursing homes during after school hours and weekend.

It was in Sudbury where she met her husband Maurice (Moe) and became Ellen Jessie Dorie on October 7, 1978, at Kipling Baptist Church.  Ellen and Moe lived in Sudbury, Chapleau, and North Bay and raised their two children, Erin and Matthew.  Matthew married Emilie Brohart on September 4, 2004 and the family rejoiced for we gained a second daughter.

In April 1996, only eight months following the passing of her dad from cancer, Ellen discovered that she had stage 3 advanced breast cancer.  Against high odds, surgery, double treatments of chemotherapy and radiation cured the cancer; however these lifesaving treatments resulted in ongoing severe clinical depression.  The depression brought disabilities and limited her normal day-to-day activities.  Ellen wrote in 2007 that she had faithfully worked her entire adult life, but her ordeal left her physically, emotionally and mentally weakened.  For 14 years Ellen fought on in support of her family to honour and worship her Lord while displaying her kind character and smile that brought joy to all.  On July 20, 2010, Ellen succumbed to the illness and passed into eternity, to forever be with her Saviour.

Ellen left a rich heritage of love and faith to her family.  She drew strength from her favourite Bible verse, Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and Know that I am God”.

Be Still and Know,

In every change, He will remain,

Be Still and Know,

Change and tears shall pass, and we shall meet at last,

“Be Still, and Know that I am God”

In memory of Ellen Jessie Dorie