Willoughby, Shirley M. #528 *


Shirley M. Willoughby

Honoured by Robert (Bob) Becksted

The Willoughby family initially moved to North Bay from London Ontario. They formed a family musical group called the Will-o-bees including Bryce, Mildred, Shirley & Harold who entertained at northern Ontario military bases during WWII. Shirley became a subsequent Snow Queen of the North Bay Winter Carnival when she won a trip to Nassau, Bahamas.  She was also the female vocalist in a major orchestra of North Bay that played at a great dance hall.  A North Bay radio featured Shirley as a single vocalist heard in all of Ontario. She also made popular records and performed in stage musical acts at NBCI & VS. In 1946 Shirley moved to London, Ontario and lived with her grandmother. Subsequently, Shirley & Bob Becksted married in North Bay during 1952, thereafter moving to London Ontario. They later moved to Etobicoke of Metro Toronto where their children Karen & Scott were born. Eventually family property was purchased on Trout Lake in the North Bay area that has accommodated four family generations.