Spencer, Donna & Jon #623 *

Honoured by their family.

Mom and Dad met in the summer of 1957, just outside of Huntsville at the Tally-Ho Inn, where Dad was vacationing and Mom was working for the summer. Mom was from Bradford, ON, while Dad grew up in Toronto. They attended different universities but still dated for five years before getting married June 23, 1962. They then moved to Vancouver where Dad completed his Ophthalmology training, so they lived out there for four years. They wanted to come back to Ontario because they felt strongly that their children should grow up close to their grandparents.

It was in 1966 that they moved to North Bay where Dad set up his practice. Dad always wanted to be close to the outdoors, a passion that they passed on to us. We were always going to the Nordic Ski Club, Laurentian Ski Hill, golf course, lake or hiking trails. We were lucky that they felt strongly about getting outside and exploring.

This year, 2012, they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. This is why we would like to dedicate pergola leaf #623 to them for the month and day they were married 50 years ago. We want to thank them for their love, the experiences they’ve given us and for being great role models.

We love you Mom and Dad (Nanna and Grandpa)!

Andrew, Barbara (Casey), Stephen, Micheline (Chenier), Sam, Myriam and Jennifer.’