Smyth, Sandra #141 *

Honoured by Rod Johnston

Expose of Sandra Smyth

Sandra was born and raised in Montreal; then in her 20s, she moved to Toronto and had an exciting career in theatre. A few years later, she moved north to Calvin Township, where she purchased Willow Farms and started a business called Fat Salad Enterprise. The farm started out with two horses and transitioned over the years to become a sheep farm with a flock of over 150.

Sandra maintained the farm of sheep for over 30 years, while being very active in local politics and charities in the North Bay area. During this time she also studied to achieve her Bachelor of Arts degree from Nipissing University and graduated with the rank of Distinction. She was the chairperson of the board of the Ecology Centre and aided in the whole project, from start to completion. Sandy was active on many other boards including FedNor., N.E.C.O., Forestry Committee and Agriculture.

She was a cancer survivor since 2002, and remained active socially and politically, until she lost her battle with cancer in the spring of 2011.

Her smile was always warm and welcoming to everyone she encountered daily. She is missed every day, and her legacy will continue long after her departure.