Scarfone, Santo & Anna #225 *


The story begins in 1953 when our parents, Santo and Anna Scarfone, left their homeland in Santo Stefano D’Aspromonte, Provincia di Reggio Calabria, Italia, to come to an unknown land in Canada in search for their dream for a better life.  Our parents were married in Italy in 1949, after our father served in WWII.  Our parents endured many struggles in their young life, having to work extremely hard everyday.

In 1951, their son, Rocco was born, and when he was only two years of age, they immigrated to Canada, traveling by ship for eighteen days aboard the SS Conte Biancamano, across theAtlantic Ocean, leaving their family behind.  This was truly a very difficult time.

Arriving first in Halifax, and then reaching their final destination in North Bay,Ontario, our father soon began working for the CPR Railway. He also took any job that came his way to help provide for his family.  Even with a language barrier, our parents persevered and in time, they were able to help bring other family members to Canada.

In 1955, their second child was born, Giuseppina (Josie) and then in 1957, twins, Rosa Maria (Rosemary) and Giuseppe (Joe).  Our parents showed us much love and shared tradition with us, teaching us the importance of respect and hard work.

Our parents have a love for gardening, and still, after 63 years of marriage, are planting seeds, reminding us how people survived back in their day.

Our mother’s love is expressed best through her cooking and baking.  You can always smell the sweetness of her baking when you enter their home. Nobody can beat our mother’s skills in the kitchen, “So what does Nonna do to make her meatballs taste so delicious!?” ask the grandchildren.

Our father has such a love for music.  He sings all the time and plays the harmonica.  We have all danced to his music and now even the great-grandchildren are doing the same.

Our parents became involved in the Italian Club, the Davedi, where our father was President and served his title well.  He worked diligently to keep the club in good standing.  They enjoyed many activities, celebrations and danced many tarantellas!

So today, we honour our parents, for their example of strength, love and compassion, for teaching us love and respect, morals and values, for sharing tradition with us and stressing the importance of keeping it up.

Our parents have celebrated 63 years of marriage, still live in their own home, have twelve grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and no doubt many more to come and to love.

After retiring from the CPR, having worked 31 years, there sits a Silver Leaf at the very heart of the station where life began for our parents.  This is a “Leaf of Inspiration” and that is what you are to all of us, Mamma e Papa/ Nonni, an inspiration.

We will always treasure you, as you are the most precious jewels in our treasure box.

Vi Vogliamo Bene!

We Love You!