Ricci, Roger #1963 *

Honoured by his children.

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate our Father’s 80th birthday by honouring him with a Leaf of Inspiration on the Pergola.

Roger Ricci was born in North Bay, December 12, 1932.

Dad was one of 13 siblings.  Life was hard and work came at an early age. Dad started delivering papers for the North Bay Nugget and soon afterward started within the company in the job printing division.

Dad obtained his black belt in Judo and started his own judo club, The North Bay Judo Club in 1956/57 at the age of 24.  Dad trained two police forces in North Bay; the North Bay Police and The Ontario Provincial Police. Dad also trained the nurses at what was called the Ontario Hospital in North Bay and the Sudbury Police Department as well as several other members of the community.

Dad, at the age of 19/20 joined and was one of the founding members of The Davedi Club and later became president for a year.  He is now a proud life-time member.

Married in 1959 to our wonderful mother Carol, they had six children and now have 15 Grandchildren and step Grandchildren.

In 1963, Dad and our mother decided to open their own printing shop, Ricci’s Fine Printing Ltd. with three children under the age of three years old.

Dad’s hard work and dedication to his family proved to be rewarding by raising his six children the best way he knew how.  To this day Dad is still hard at work either at the printing shop or working on his apartments.  Dad always said, “I am doing this for all of you,” and kept true to his word.

Thanks to our father, we will always carry with us a strong work ethic along with pride and determination.

Dad you are in our hearts forever.

Happy 80th Birthday Dad.

With love from your children Tom, Sue, Chris, Paul, Jason and Steven.