Quirt, Delia #715 *

This leaf honours the memory of Delia Elizabeth Mary (Myre) Quirt and her loved husband, Mervin Walter Quirt. Anyone who spoke of Delia or Mervin always meant both, because they were one in each other.

Delia and Mervin’s lives together began after the war. They fell in love and were married July 2, 1947. Their love created three children, Gale, Glen (Kim) and Laura (Dan).

They thrived on love of family, sharing many warm moments with both sets of parents and sibling families. Every weekend, the families would get together for quality time, laughing, reminiscing, outdoor activities and quiet times.

Delia was born July 15, 1930, to Louis Xavier Myre and Mary Ann Delorme and was sister to Wilfred, Leo, Diane, Phillip, Donald and Yvette. She loved life and lived for her family. She rallied back time after time when all odds were against her to care, love and protect her daughter Gale. These two had a very special relationship, not only as mother and daughter, but as true friends who relied and depended on each other to the end. Delia was determined to live until she was certain that Gale would be well cared for and strong enough to carry on without her. Delia passed away on July 13, 2011, her mind sound and her body tired.

Mervin was born in 1922 to parents Wesley Walter Quirt and Phriel Lansloot (Brussells, Belgium) and was brother to Harold, Gloria (Russell) and Wayne. He, too, was a strong family man in every sense of the word and loved life to its fullest. He passed away January, 1999.

Times were tough when they started out and Mervin and Delia wanted to secure a strong future for their family and to provide for them.

Mervin worked for the Ontario Northland Railway and then took a position with the Canadian Car Demurrage Bureau. He took this career change so that he could reach his objective of providing more for his family. This commitment took him on the road during the week, often returning late Friday night and travelling on Sundays. He always did what was best for the family and in so doing, Mervin denied himself of what he truly wanted – time with his wife and children. He remained with the Bureau until his retirement in 1978.

Delia began to work after their last child was born. She began by working in various grocery stores, then at Canadian Cantex where she discovered her love of sewing. From there she was employed by upholstery shops where recognition of her work and skills were well known. Eventually, Delia opened up her own upholstery shop in the basement of her home until she decided to retire.

Delia and Mervin were talented people and as the family was growing up they shared a love of gardening, camping, fishing, hunting, wine making, music and enjoyed many outdoor activities.

Mervin had several hobbies, a passion for wood working spending hours in his garage creating quality furniture and then ventured into a second passion – the love of boating. He built a 22 ft. cabin cruiser naming her “At Last” and then designed and constructed a beautiful sailboat. Delia and Mervin worked together as a team on these projects and spent many hours relaxing from the fruits of their labour.

Delia loved working with her hands. She had a natural talent which allowed her to excel in crafts such as embroidery, cruel, bunka (Japanese silk), knitting and crocheting. Another interest she enjoyed was the excitement of the casinos and bingo.

Their retirements opened up new adventures and they discovered a desire to travel. Mervin, Delia and Gale explored Canada coast to coast and then broadened their horizons and toured the United States. Delia and Mervin spent their last 10 years together wintering in Florida and Arizona. Gale will always treasure these travel adventures and memories.

While in Florida, Delia broadened her love of crafts by taking an art class where she found love for painting. She continued this passion for painting and other crafts for several years until her hands would no longer allow her to continue. Several of her paintings can be viewed in the homes of family and friends and in the hallways of the ONR Apartment Building where she and Gale resided before Delia passed.

When Mervin passed away, Delia filled hours by participating in classes to learn paper toule, another craft that she excelled in.

Mervin’s love of music was passed onto Gale and his love of wood working, hunting, fishing, and outdoors was passed to Glen.

Delia and Mervin’s love of gardening, fishing and the outdoors was passed onto Glen, Laura, grandchildren Dana (Sweetie) (husband Denis Boulanger), Derek and Steven and great grandchildren Matthew, Brittney, and Courttney Boulanger and Lena Mae Turgeon.

Delia and Mervin touched the hearts of many but none so much as their children who will always love and cherish the love, standards and gift of family that they so unselfishly gave to each of them.

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Rod Johnston and staff for allowing the Quirt family to share and pass on these memories of Mervin and Delia Quirt, our parents, friends and mentors.