Oertel, Veronika Louise #209

Honoured by Sue Brown.

Veronika Louise Oertel – (Born. 1933.06.25, Died. 2011.10.13)

Veronika was born on June 25th, 1933 in Germany, to Otto Oertel and Margarete Euler. She was third born of five children. During war time she was a young girl of only eight years. Veronika and her family survived the war. She grew to be a very courageous and independent young woman. In her teen years she had got her driver’s license and learned to drive a truck, and even a motorcycle. She was very proud of this, probably more so than the fact that her she even did a little modeling. One thing is for sure, she never truly knew how beautiful a person she was – inside and out.

Veronika married her first husband in Germany, and took the surname of Mueller. Her first two daughters, Veronica and Doris were born in 1951 and 1952. By 1957 she was boarding a plane and immigrated to Canada, to be reunited with her husband who had immigrated earlier to Northern Ontario. She arrived in this country, via the Port of Montreal, with two young daughters in tow and unable to speak a word of English. With virtually no money, and no idea how to communicate, she made her way by train to Northern Ontario, to the Renabie Gold Mines.

Over the course of her life, Veronika and her family moved many times, all over Ontario. In 1959 she gave birth to her third daughter, Susie. Eventually they bought a farm and settled in the small community of Housey’s Rapids, Muskoka.

Wherever she lived, she always made friends with her neighbours. Veronika believed in and cared for her community. She was a generous person who was always willing to help. Giving to others always made her so happy. And conversely, whenever someone showed her any kindness – it touched her heart deeply.

It is widely known, that whatever Veronika touched in the kitchen turned to gold. When it came to cooking, she truly had the Midas touch. Her recipes won contests, and her signature dish was Rouladen, red Cabbage and potato dumplings. One thing she truly enjoyed was cooking for her family.

Veronika was as hard-working as she was caring. She spent a great deal of her career working at Muskoka Centre as a RPN and DSW, caring for vulnerable people with different mental and physical disabilities. She treated every one of her patients with a sincere kindness and often referred to them as her “kids”.

In 1971, she gave birth to her fourth and final daughter Heidi. Veronika was the sunshine in her daughter’s lives. She loved each and every one of us fiercely, and she supported you no matter what. No one, and I mean no one, could say a bad thing about someone she loved. Veronika was equally proud and protective of her grandchildren, of which she had 11 (and one on the way), and eventually her great grandchildren, of which she had four. For Veronika, there was nothing more important than family.

We are who we are today, because of this amazing woman. She set the bar very high, and encouraged us to be independent and strong. She taught us many life lessons, and most of those lessons were led by the example of her own life. She taught us to never give up. If you want to see change – be a part of it. Stand up for everyone, not just yourself. Don’t procrastinate, what you can do today you do not have to do tomorrow. Never walk by a penny on the ground, because you will never win the lottery. Waste not, want not. And if you would sit there whining and complaining about something insignificant, she would often say “When I’ve got time, I will feel sorry for you”.

Mom’s selfless giving, her wonderful sense of humour, and endless love for her family will be forever missed and never forgotten.

You left us beautiful memories. Your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

Veronika  Oertel passed away peacefully surrounded by her daughters, October 13, 2011. She is survived by; her daughters Veronica Philpott  (Dan), Doris Mueller, Susie Brown (Perry), Heidi Mueller-McCahon (Mike), her grandchildren; Erika MacInnis (Neil), Jason Mathias, John Stillwell, Toni Brown (Sean), April Wolanski (Reece), Jen Brown (Travis), Daniel Philpott, Racheal Wolanski, Gracie Wolanski, Hayden McCahon, and her Great Grandchildren; Tyson MacInnis, Rachael MacInnis, Jacob MacInnis, Rowan Wolanski, and since mom’s passing that sad October day, the  little girl she thought she met  while in the hospital, Teagan Nika McCahon  arrived in Feb 2012.

She is predeceased by her parents, four siblings and her beloved Granddaughter, Marlee Philpott.

She is so missed by each and every one of us…. Our Mom, Mutter, Grama, GG, will never be forgotten…

Love from all of us….till we meet again….xoxoxoxoxoxo

A Message from your daughters:

A special bond shared between a mother and her daughters

is the one place in all the world where hearts can be sure of each other.

Like branches of a tree, we may grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.

And through the fury of the storm, or calm of the rainbow,

we will always depend on each other

for understanding and compassion.

We share these moments, sparkling like a star in our hands…

keeping memories we have gathered through the years close to our hearts and always.