Madigan, Lee #1970 *

Lee was born in 1946, here in North Bay. He began his career with the Ontario Provincial Police in 1969 and married Hariett in 1970. He had a distinguished career with the OPP for 37 years, most of those years in North Bay. He received several commendations and served his community with dedication and pride. He has three children and 7 grandchildren. He loved his career but his first love has always been his family. He is dedicated to his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. I couldn’t leave out his other loves; namely, hunting, steam bath, and hockey.

What has Lee meant to me? He has been the rock in my life, my home-base, and my safety net. He makes me laugh with his Irish/policeman sense of humour and he laughs at himself a lot. He has a keen instinct for problem-solving which made him a great policeman and makes him a wonderful father and husband. And he can get to the source of a problem and offer a solution with very few words. He is a kind, gentle, and caring person and he will always be the love of my life.


I started to appreciate my dad’s wisdom as I became a man and began to understand the sacrifices he made for us when I became a father. Our time together at the rink is priceless and I’m lucky to be so close to my father.

Love, Sean

Dad or Captain Vex!
Dad taught me many things. To be independent, to solve my problems on my own, and the most valuable lesson is to be kind to people. Family always come first and make sure you have a good group of friends you can count on. Dad sacrificed a lot for us just so that we could go to our gymnastics lessons, hockey practices or any other sport we were in. He used to ride his bike to work in the middle of winter just so that mom would have a car to pick us up! I have many fond memories of hanging out on Trout Lake when we were kids. I can always count on Dad to be sitting on the deck at the cottage relaxing looking out on the lake. His calm spirit is what I look for when I come home.

With Love, Christian

My father is the embodiment of selflessness, love, dedication, and wit, and he has the impressive ability to stay true to these characteristics in the various facets of his life. His devotion to his fellow brothers and sisters in the police service, and to the community alike, was no more obvious to me then when I had the pleasure of attending a ceremony to mark his 35th year as an OPP. His love for my mother has been palpable and strong over 41 years of marriage. But it is in his role as father to me over the last 35 years that I truly understand his enduring characteristics. My father is selfless – always putting his family’s needs ahead of his own. He would willingly work overtime hours to ensure that his children were afforded all the opportunities they desired. My father unconditionally loves. He exemplified this love not only when we have succeeded in life, but also (and most especially) when we failed or faltered. He loves by providing encouragement when we have needed to overcome adversity. He is a protector. As a young child (and especially as a teenager!), I did not always understand the rules he imposed. It is only now, after having my own children that I understand that my father was determined to strike the difficult balance between unconditional love and fierce protection. My father’s wit is true to his Irish roots – he is not one to shy away from an opportunity to get in a humorous ‘jab’ and he can always lighten the mood with a good joke or story! Simply stated, my father is extraordinary – a man of true integrity. The powerful and loving relationship that I have had with him has had a profound impact on the person I have become today.

With love, gratitude, and admiration, Sheri.