Medd, Christopher Scott #323 *

Honoured by his family.

This leaf is dedicated to Christopher Scott Medd who was born on March 23, 1972 in
Kitwe, Zambia to Morris and Beckie Medd.

Chris was a very talented, generous and loving person and put his whole heart into anything and everything he put his mind to; from his family and friends to his work, invention’s, art and poems.  Once he finished high school Chris followed in his father’s footsteps and found himself in the mining industry where he eventually settled in Sudbury with wife Roberta and two sons, Joshua and Zachary.

Chris’s love for his family was evident in all he did with them from camping and exploring to teaching his kids how to enjoy life and find the good in everything.  He was never on time because he would literally stop to smell the flowers and explore all that he could.  He always had a smile and kind word for everyone, even people he met in passing on the street or at a store or wherever he happened to be.

In October of 2006 Chris was in a very serious car accident which resulted in
brain injury as well as losing the use of his legs.  This devastating accident took its toll and Chris spent the next four years trying to put his life back together again, trying to find the right path for his future.

Chris took up computer graphics and poetry and combined the two to tell of his experience of waking up in a hospital to find that his entire life had changed.

After many setbacks, Chris finally decided to move back to North Bay where he spent most of his younger years and where his mother and father currently lived.  In December of 2010 Chris left behind many people whose lives he had touched in some way.

He is missed by so many… his mother and father, his wife and sons, his brother and
sisters, his nieces and nephews, and his many, many wonderful friends.

Now and then

A voice cries out

For help you really need

A voice that’s deep inside of you

Which all your thoughts shall feed

Everybody has this voice

To them it is loud and clear

They want to let these feelings out

But they are gathered up in fear

It is nice to know along the way

There is someone who is there

Someone who will listen

And whose feelings you could share

Life is full of up’s and down’s

And things you do not know

With a little hope and patience

It will show you where to go

~ Christopher Scott Medd ~