Canadian Federation of University Women #1941 *

Honoured by the CFUW Members 2011. 

CFUW North Bay was founded in 1941. [Canadian Federation of University Women]
The first President was Miss Grace Morgan, a Master teacher at the North Bay Normal School [Teacher’s College].

There were 30 charter members committed to the
1. Pursuit of knowledge
2. Promotion of education
3. Improvement of the status of women and girls
4. Active participation in public affairs in the spirit of co-operation and friendship

CFUW is a national non-profit, non-partisan, bilingual organization of about 10,000 women university graduates in 122 clubs across Canada.

CFUW has consultative status with the United Nations committee on the status of women.
Through CFUW, we are also members of the IFUW, consisting of 82 affiliated member countries.

Membership is open to any woman who aspires to the goals and purposes of CFUW.
CFUW North Bay is an active group of 60 women which holds monthly meetings and interest groups.

Interest groups currently active are — book club, bridge, community service, gourmet lunch, gourmet dinner, heritage gardening, issues and advocacy, international links, roamers and sunrise breakfast.

Providing scholarships for girls has been a priority for CFUW since 1941. The first one was the Lottie Hamer Scholarship for proficiency in English was awarded to a North Bay girl proceeding to University. Once Nipissing University was formed, all scholarships went to women and girls who were attending the local university. In 2011, the four scholarships and one bursary are worth $500 each. High school scholarships, worth $200 each are awarded to two girls in the area.

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