Madigan, John Gregory #1971 *

Our Dad: Greg Madigan

Anyone who knew our Dad knew that he could make a lasting impression in a short time.  Thankfully that was one of his strengths as we only had him in our lives for a short time.   However, the strengths and gifts that he passed on to us will last a life time.

The most important insight that our Dad passed on to us was the importance of family.
There were countless times that he sat us down, when we were fighting, and explained that we as sisters were each others’ best friends and that nothing was more important than family.  While we were sitting there we listened, but it wasn’t until we were a little older that that message sunk in.

There isn’t a day that goes by without all four of us talking to each other.  We all celebrate each others’ successes and we are in each others’ corners when one of us is feeling down and out.  Thank you so much for that Dad!

Another insight that our Dad passed on to us was to always speak our mind.  He believed in letting everyone know how he felt, and if he was angry, and then he said what he had to say, and then it was over.

If he was pleased with us and proud of us, then he let us know that too.  Our Father was not a man who let things build and keep them quiet.   Instead, you always knew how he felt, both good and bad, and that form of honesty always kept the lines of communication open and clear.  Again, thank you for that Dad as we are all successful in our personal and career lives because you taught us how to be honest and open.

People used to gather around my dad to listen to one of his infamous jokes.  He could do more impersonations, voices and actions that most considered him a true comedian.  Our Dad loved to laugh and he relished in making others laugh.  This is something that all four of us have taken from him.  The four of us of course find each other very funny and we thoroughly enjoy being together and giggling, but others around us enjoy the “Madigan Girls” senses of humour as well.  Thanks Dad!

One final thing that our Dad passed on to us was the gift of respect.  He raised us to respect our elders, but he also raised us with respect.  In our house we had an open door policy within our home.  There was never a need to close our bedroom doors as there was never any snooping or spying permitted.  Our Dad respected our privacy and our feelings, and because he kept the lines of communication open, there wasn’t much to hide.  We knew if we had something important to say, he would respect us and listen.  He would have words of advice to offer when we were finished, but he would always listen first.

Our Dad raised us with some pretty strict rules, but they were always driven by a deep unending love for “his girls”.  Sometimes people would ask if he was disappointed that he never had a boy, but our Dad never was.  By the mere mention of our names our Dad’s eyes would light up and he would gladly share a story about us that showed his pride and adoration for us.    Though his
life was short, it was one full of faith, devotion, sportsmanship, hard work and an ending love and devotion to our mom.

Our Father left lasting impressions on all us, and there isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t thought of, and missed.  We all agree that the best “homage” to our Dad is when we unknowingly repeat one of his infamous catch phrases.  You will live forever Dad in our hearts and our minds.  Thank you for everything.

Love, Your Girls xxx ooo