Fleece, Lorne # 221 *

Honoured by Robert Becksted.


Herewith is his story commemorating his significant participation in developing and recording the history of the City of North Bay, where he now lives.

Lorne Fleece was born in Kirkland Lake at 106 Taylor Avenue on April 10, 1932.  His wife was Rita and they had three children and eight grandchildren.

He was employed by Ontario Northland Tele-communications for 37 years and two years as the Archivist for the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission.  Lorne wrote eight articles and reports on Northern Ontario history including the T & NO plus the ONR.

In this participation he frequently visited the archives in Toronto and Ottawa for ten years collecting pertinent information on this matter.

Lorne provided extensive assistance to this City’s Municipal Heritage Committee for three years in the preparation of the “illustrative Guide to Heritage Properties in the City of North Bay” which was published in 2006.  His knowledge was gained over 39 years that became extensively valuable in our researching the development of the CPR & CNR Railway Stations.

Together with the ONR, these railways established this City as the “Gateway of the North”, which achieved “coast to coast to coast” rail service in this nation.

Lorne was much experienced in communication that secured safe passage of goods and passengers travelling in opposite directions on a single track.  Procedural orders were then conveyed with the “Morse Code”.  He has been recently teaching some interested youngsters that method of conversing.

Together with a “cross arm”, this can be employed in the operation of the model train service currently circulating the Waterfront Park.

Lorne Fleece deserves significant recognition of his major contribution to the history of this City. I am proud to present him as a member of those to be identified on a Leaf of Inspiration included in the Waterfront Pergola declaring Lorne Fleece.