Everitt, Ed & Cheryl & Family #1101 *

Ed and Cheryl Everitt (nee Parisien) began their life’s journey together in 1974. Both originated from Ontario Northland Railway fathers with long standing family ties to North Bay. They were blessed with two sons, Travis and Riley (Annette) and three granddaughters, Tamika, Nyomie and Mya.

Hearth, home and family are very important to the Everitts. Supporting this worthwhile endeavour, where future generations can grow and play, reinforces their values and support of community.

To our Grandchildren:
May our grandchildren remember the laughter, joy and family gatherings with pride, and remember – we’ll be by your side.
Walk among the leaves with a smile on your face.
Listen to the wind and look up at a star.
Close your eyes – we won’t be far.

Love Gramma and Poppa