Edmonds, Albert Henry “Eddie” *

Albert Henry “Eddie” Edmonds 1911-2010

Eddie Edmonds was a man with many talents who experienced numerous challenges. In the 1930’s he was a soldier with the British Royal Artillery and was deployed to Afghanistan and India. During this time there was a massive earthquake in Qatar, close to where he was stationed. Soon after returning to his home in London, England, Eddie married Lottie Bond. Since Britain was involved in World War II, Eddie joined the military once again in which he participated in the Battle of Dunkirk. After the war Eddie was employed as a sheet metal worker. In 1956 he and Lottie moved to Canada where they settled in Toronto. Eddie was an avid gardener and won many awards for his roses and spectacular sweet peas. He and Lottie also loved to camp and they spent holidays at Raven Lake in Northern Ontario. They were also very keen ballroom dancers. Lottie and Eddie moved back to Devon, England in 1971. They enjoyed their last years in Fremington, where he once again won many awards for his flowers, as well as his wine making. Whatever Eddie did he took it on with a passion. Eddie died in 2010 in his 99th year. He was the uncle of Judi and Greg Brewer.