Charette, Roland & Meimi #1507 *

This leaf is dedicated to Roland and Meimi Charette by their adoring family.

Roland and Meimi were born and raised in North Bay. Roland was the youngest of 12 children. Meimi was an only child. They met, fell in love and got married July 15, 1950.

Roland was the proud business owner of Desilets and Charette Plumbing and Heating, until he retired at the age of 62. Meimi worked alongside him in the office as their bookkeeper.

In addition to them being hard working and successful, they created a family of three beautiful daughters, Louise, Anne and Carole. Roland and Meimi taught their daughters caring, sharing, fairness and faith. With so much love their family grew to include six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Over the years, Roland and Meimi have always been supportive through the good and the bad and always without judgment. Being such strong role models, their daughters raised their children with the same morals and values that have continued into the next generation and generations to follow.

We, the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, want to let the community know how much we appreciate our parnets’ hard work, loving ways and dedication to family. There is a saying; ” You learn what you live”. If we all have learned even one thing from the lives these two have lived, we will be better people for it.

Your loving family,
We love you.