Beaulieu, Henry & Cecile #1930 *

Honoured by the Beaulieu Family.

Henry and Cecile Beaulieu were married 03 August, 1948.  Soon after marriage they began a family.  By 1973, they had raised six boys and one girl, and if God allowed, there would have been a lot more Beaulieu children running around today.   Thanks to their seven children, the Beaulieu family grew even more when six daughter in-laws and one son in-law were added to the picture.  Nothing was more rewarding to Henry and Cecile, than that of their grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It was a love like no other.

Not only were Cecile and Henry very busy raising their own children, they also unselfishly opened their home, family and hearts to over 43 foster children.  Dad would come home from work only to find a new little face at the dinner table.  Mom and Dad loved children, all children, even those with disabilities and handicaps.

Henry, better known to us children as, “pappi”, “Mcquiver”, “Dad” and most of all, our “hero”!   Dad was a stern man, tough to break, unless your name was Cecile!  He was a very hard working man, provided the best for his family. He was gentle when needed, but strict when necessary.  He raised us children as he was raised.  We all learned at a very early age about respect, loyalty, and the importance of family.  Henry was a religious man, who went to church and believed in Jesus.  Grace was said before dinner, and Sundays were always church days….whether we liked it or not!  After Mom passed, Dad took over being the best he could be.

Henry Beaulieu.  Born the 13thof November, 1923.  He lived an honorable life, with much to be thankful for.  He died on 15th of August, 2011, with his children and grandchildren by his side.

Cecile, better known to us children as, “mammi”, “Mom”, and most of all, our “protector”!   Mom was soft, gentle, loving and pure.  She would open her heart to anyone and give them the last piece of bread she had.  She always went without only to be certain we had what we needed.  She was the BEST cook and most of the time; she put meals together when we didn’t have a lot.  We can always remember getting off the school bus and smelling what we were having for dinner….amazing! The kids in the neighborhood would come to visit, knowing they would always leave with a treat or two.

Cecile Beaulieu.  Born the 10th of May, 1930.  She lived a joyful life, loving every moment spent with her family.  She died on 8th of February, 1993, with her children and grandchildren by her side.

We, as the Beaulieu children, live our lives strong and proud today because of what our parents had taught us.  Although they have passed and are together as one again, they will forever live in our hearts, in our dreams and in the eyes of our grandchildren. Rest in Peace Mom and Dad, till we meet again!


Marcel, Jerry, Roger, Mark, Mike, Paul and Chantal.