McKinnon, Angus Vernon #831 *

Honoured by his wife June and children Elizabeth, Catherine, Martha and Gregory.

The brightest star in the sky is my Vern who continues to lead me, our four children and our wonderful grandchildren, Angus James (2004) and Ainsley Skye Margaret (2006) (Gregory’s children). We continue to follow the family traditions of loving, learning, sharing and supporting each other along life’s path.  With all my love yours always, June (nee Soule)

When I think of Dad, I think of talking – about the day, history, books, family, faith, love.  Dad always had time to talk to us, but also to listen to us.  I learned so much from him.  I also think of music – whether he played the piano or stereo, the music flowed.  And he was never afraid to sing along!  Dad was a strong, gentle, loyal man and I’m blessed he was my Dad and my friend, since I was lucky enough to know him when I was a child, a teen and an adult.   With deep love, Elizabeth

When I think of my Dad, I think of him not only as my father, but as my friend.  I recall the many long conversations I had with my Dad over the years.  He was always ready to listen and encouraged me to think of different ways of looking at a situation.  My Dad taught me to always treat others with respect and assume the best in everyone. My Dad always had just the right words for every situation.  I recall many of these words and apply them to my daily life, which means my Dad is with me daily. Love you forever, Catherine

A day does not go by that I do not think of Dad . He was a kind , gentle man who cared very deeply about his family.  He had a wonderful sense of humour and I often smile quietly remembering one of his stories . Dad loved to read and would read at least a dozen books in the span of a week .He passed that passion on to his children. He encouraged us to follow our dreams and his unwavering belief in us gave us the courage to pursue them. With all my love and the deepest respect, Martha

He was here and then gone; too soon, but that’s not our call.

We answer to a Higher Source, and he has now.

I miss him dearly, but he set me up to succeed, each of us ready for life.

Always moving to greater light, he took us with him as far as he could, except on that voyage from which no traveller returns.

I love him still.

His lessons still teach.

He lives on in us.

Love Greg