Harriman, Edith #2322 *

Honoured by Keith Harriman.

This is dedicated to the life and memory of our mother, Edith Harriman, a courageous woman who dedicated herself to her family.

In 1928, mom was born in North Himsworth Township and grew up in Ferris at a time when life was very challenging for her parents. One of nine children, she was very young when our grandfather died and she stepped in to help raise her siblings when they needed a friend and a parent.

She married our father in 1946 just after WWII and started our family, while staying close by
her brothers and sisters who relied on her support.

She was an accepting and protective mother that supported us at every stage of life. We knew she
would be there for us regardless of what we did and made the home a refuge and a place of comfort for everybody.

As a grandmother, she spoiled our children rotten and taught them the art of Nintendo and the
significance of laughter and pizza pops.

Her sense of humour, dedication and outlook on life has changed the way we live and helped shape the importance we place on family.

What we learned from mom about life is invaluable and though we miss her daily words of wisdom and her wit, we will always remember our mom, our nanny and our friend.