Lefebvre, Clarence & Geraldine #325 *

Clarence Lefebvre, our Dad, was born in North Bay in 1925, the first year that North Bay was deemed a city.  Geraldine McParland, our Mom, was born in the small town of Mattawa, 40 miles east of North Bay also in 1925.  Clarence, known as Spike early on in his life, was raised in North Bay while Geraldine, known as Geri, moved to North Bay as a young girl.  Dad joined the army at the age of 17 and was shipped overseas in 1945, arriving in Europe just as the European phase of the war was ending.  While Dad spent time in the army Mom contributed to the war effort in her own way as a “Farmerette” and worked in Ottawa for the government.

When Dad returned from the war he was introduced to Mom by his sister Yvonne.  After an intense courtship, the two were married on August 1, 1949.  The marriage was blessed with five children, three girls and two boys and ultimately produced ten grandchildren.

After a number of jobs Dad joined the North Bay Police department in 1956 and a 30 year law enforcement career culminated in his retirement from the force with the rank of Inspector.  Mom worked at M&M Tobacco, ran a boarding house out of her home and ended her working life by spending 17 years at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Mom and Dad were very devoted to their church, the Pro Cathedral of the Assumption, and believed in hard work while embracing life with a great sense of humour.  Both were well known for their love of entertaining family and friends and Dad is famous for dancing while wearing any manner of outrageous hats.  Above all else they cherished family time and regularly coordinated activities that brought together their children and grandchildren.  Neither was ever able to resist a loud and boisterous game of “pass the ace” and both loved the company of their close friends and acquaintances.

In their later years Mom and Dad enjoyed going to the waterfront to sit in the car or on a bench to enjoy an ice cream cone, meet with friends and enjoy the view, particularly the spectacular sunsets.

In honour of Dad’s 85th birthday on December 29, 2010 we are happy to present him with this metal leaf, number 325, engraved with his and Mom’s names.  The number 325 is the address number of the first home that they purchased together and was the first and foremost home to our family.