Shields, Gordon #31 *

Gordon Shields, honoured by Jill, Christine, Steven, Charlie, Nathan, Brenda and Susan.

Gordon Shields was born in South Porcupine, Ontario on September 21, 1941 and passed away in North Bay on May 7, 2003.  To have known Gord was a very special privilege that extended not only to his immediate family and friends but also to his co-workers.

Gord was a man of strong principles and values, and he was supportive and helpful to the people in his life.  He took great pride in his family’s accomplishments, struggles and sometimes losses.  His cup was always “half full”. He loved “family times”, whether they be a small family dinner with his sisters and their husbands or a large gathering of family and friends.  He will be remembered for the silent “Shields” laughter that brought tears to his eyes, and to the eyes of his sisters, when some long ago family memory was recalled.  Gord offered support, words of comfort, and a helping hand when needed, without hesitation.

Gord was both formally educated, and self educated.    He graduated from York University with a BA in Sociology, and obtained a Certificate in Administration for Homes for the Aged from McMaster University. He was a lifelong learner and an avid reader.   He chose to work in Gerontology and   for many years worked as an Administrator in Homes for the Aged.  The focus of his work was always to provide the best quality of life for the aging people living in the Home.

He valued and supported the education of both of his children.   He taught them to always be consistent with expectations and to communicate them clearly.  He believed that there was always more than one way to solve a problem,   and that the seemingly complex could always be simplified.  He believed in being there for his family and in enjoying his time with them.  Family was more important than work.   He believed in not judging people – everyone had something good in them.  He taught his children to take responsibility for their actions, and that telling the truth was always more simple than perpetuating a lie.  He taught by example to be a bit mischievous once in a while,   and to laugh with your children.  He believed it was important to get to know your kid’s friends, but always remain a parent.  Every day he showed that it is important to love your spouse as you are lucky to have someone to love you. Gord worked to create lasting memories that his family will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for the time that you spent with us and the gifts that you left behind.

You are missed by all who loved you.

Jill, Christine, Steven, Charlie, Nathan, Brenda and Susan.