Falconi, Anne & Michael #2499 *

Honoured by the Falconi family.

Michael Falconi came to Canada from Pisterzo, Italy, when he was 16.  He came to a foreign land with the hope of starting a new life for himself – his destiny and his fate were unknown.The dream of a new world and the vision of a new beginning beckoned him  and he confronted the many challenges that awaited him with fear and optimism.  He worked on the railway, first as a labourer and eventually as a foreman.

Ann Felice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Felice, and Michael were married at St. Rita’s Church in North Bay.

While Michael worked on the railway, he and Ann lived in Skeed and Daventry.  They then moved to North  Bay where he managed the Monte Carlo Restaurant in North Bay, in partnership with Steve Marmino.

Eventually, he opened Falconi Men’s and Boys’ Wear in 1951 and specialized in men’s
clothing apparel for both the young and old.  Ann did all the alterations and devotedly worked beside Michael and contributed to the success of the business.   The clothing store was the gathering place for the grandchildren – there were always a couple of children visiting them at the store.  In 1972, Ann and Mike retired from a successful clothing business and left their mark as very honest business people in the community of North Bay.  Other business ventures that Michael was involved with included owning a pool room, ice cream parlour and apartment buildings.

They had four sons, Frank, Albert, Gary and Richard.
Their dream of educating their children was realized when Frank became a lawyer, Al became a teacher, principal and a deacon, Gary became and industrial accountant and Richard became a teacher.

With much affection, guidance and care, Ann and Michael proved to be loving parents and grandparents.  Their home was the center of every celebration.   Ann’s homemade cooking brought the family together as she prepared everyone’s favourite dishes.

Ann died on July 5, 1989 and Mike died on February 12, 1999.  They are dearly missed by all family members and friends.

Authored by Richard Falconi