North Bay Dental Association #2498 *


Water fluoridation is one of the 10 most important Public Health achievements in the
last century, resulting in a 90% reduction in tooth decay for everyone using
the municipal water supply.

Mort Fellman, Editor of the North Bay Nugget, won the Canadian National Newspaper
Award for Editorial Writing,  Canadian Managing Editors’ Conference in 1955, for his series of editorials involving North Bay Dentists, in promoting the value of water fluoridation in the
prevention of tooth decay.

Fluoridation of the municipal water supply in North  Bay began in 1962.  Today, the majority of our young adults are completely free of cavities.

In 1962, Dr. Max Back organized the North Bay Dental Association Mouth Guard
Program which has continued to today (2011).   Eight thousand custom fitted mouth guards have been fabricated for young athletes of North Bay schools since 1962.

The Dentists of North Bay and area and the local dental laboratories have volunteered their time and material at the beginning of the school year for the last 48 years to help prevent injury to the teeth of our young athletes at a minimal cost for custom made mouth guards.

Any proceeds from this project have been accumulated and used to:

Provide achievement awards to students of Canadore College Dental Programs

Provide funds toward provision of new dental equipment for dental surgical procedures in North Bay hospitals

Pledge funds to Laurentian Medical School over a five year period

A very generous donation to the MRI equipment fund at the new North Bay General Hospital in 2011