Savord, Melanie #23*

Honoured by Terry, Wendy, and Eli.

Melanie was our family’s greatest Christmas gift ever, when she was born December 23, 1989. Although her birth was in Milton, ON, she celebrated her third birthday in North Bay, having relocated in April 1992.

Mel quickly fit in to this community attending Sacred Heart Elementary and joining the NBBA (North Bay Basketball Association) at the slightly younger than allowed age of 7. She was always trying to keep up with her older brother, Eli.

Melanie soon rose to award winning level with Coach Doyle Anthony’s Coach’s Choice plaque for her first season of play. He attributed this award to Mel’s constant high spirits and smile.

As a grade eight graduate in 2003, she clenched Athlete of the Year leading their b-ball team to the annual Championship among schools.

That’s when Coach Jim Davidson from St. Joe’s Scollard Hall recruited Melanie for its basketball summer camp and junior team. In grade 9 ,she took home “most valuable player” trophy for the juniors team. The following year, she skipped up to senior level and conquered MVP for a second consecutive year.

Melanie loved basketball. During the summer she spent a lot of time in the gym helping and volunteering with younger players. Not only an exceptional athlete, but also a very intelligent young woman, she was always on the Honour Roll. She had such a promising future until July 31, 2005. She was killed in a triple fatality car crash.

Since then, her school and family started the “Live Out Loud” basketball trophy and plaques for outstanding athletes with honour grades and her generally great attitude.

We, Melanie’s family , dedicate this leaf in her honour as another display of the everlasting love and pride we feel for her.