Boulerice, Wilfred & Fabiola #213 *

On May 5, 1930,Wilfred (Fred) Boulerice and Fabiola Auger were wed in holy matrimony.

Over the years, they survived the long and cold winters of the North, the hot summers, not to mention blackflies and mosquitoes as well as the  Great Depression years.

Although they had many hardships, there were more good times than bad. They enjoyed the company of each other as well as friends. Over the years, they began to have a family, just a small one of 15 children.

We have so many recollections of our home filled with singing, guitar picking and step dancing that we could go on forever, like their love.

This particular memory comes to our mind:

Dad told us a story about the days he was a young man, when his family moved to the area.  How his Father had one of the first cars, this far north and how bad he felt to have to sell his car and return to horse and buggy because the roads were too rough for a car.  He also was happy to be part of the opening of Highway 17.

Wilfred our Father and many who knew him as Fred, was the lead singer with an exceptional voice, singing in Latin, at the Bonfield Church.

In his late years, he would tend to his garden or sit on his rocking chair holding his pipe which was hardly ever lit, but we all can still smell the smoke over his lit pipe.

Fabiola was our Mother although our dad called her Fabi.

Mom loved to cook, even during the Depression years when she managed to make a meal that could feed an army.  She was very dedicated to her family. We remember being a very happy family and this was due to a very loving mother who kept us safe, and never let us know the hardships she had to endure.

Our mother believed her strength came from being a devoted Catholic, and attending Church. Holidays were her favourite times, having all of their family together in one place.  Her devotion to her family did not stop there; she also donated her time and talent of knitting and crocheting socks and hats to the hospital for premature babies.  In her later years, she would listen and sing to her favourite country music.

Written by Joan (Boulerice) Villneff and Harvey C. Villneff for the fifteen Boulerice children.