Seguin, Ted & Margaret #202 *

Theodore (Ted) Seguin (1908-1986) & Margaret (McCharles) Seguin (1914-1999)

Our Mother and Father were self-employed. Ted Seguin was in trucking, owning his own trucks at 1544 Wyld Street. In the winter having a wood yard, he sold to the public. Mother took the orders. From spring to fall he gathered up cream from the local farm taking in approximately 50-100 miles radius of North Bay and trucking the load to the North Bay co-operative creamery.

Upon retiring in 1947 he built a food store at the corner of Duke and Wyld which became very popular to most in that area plus. Dad joined the chain with 7 other grocers namely the Red and White Grocers being individually owned and becoming very successful as a group. Mother and us children (growing up) played a large part in the operation of this store. Twenty years later upon retiring they converted the building into apartments and then selling them about 1968; when they built their last home on Larocque Road.

Being Semi retired dad did various jobs including snow removal for many different establishments. He obtained a bread route run from North Bay to Temiskaming.

Our parents, highly respected and loved by many, also inspired their seven children tremendously.

We say it best: “behind every successful man exists a good woman”.

Honoured by their children: Yvonne, Jeannette, Harvey, Simone, Gary, Rick and Brenda