Buckle, Anne & John #1972 *

It was 1972 when my parents, John and Anne Buckle, found their way to North Bay with myself Sue, and my two brothers, David and Howard, in tow. Since then, we’ve each grown a family, sharing grand children and a grand daughter who love them dearly. When the grandkids were asked what they remember the most about growing up with “Beema” and “Poppa”, they shared stories of love, caring and encouragement. This leaf honours my mom and dad for whom family was the most important thing in the world. Love you both. Sue

We remember when ….
Poppa taught us how to drive a motor boat, put worms on a hook and filet a fish at our “B’s Nest” cottage on Naiscoot Lake.
Beema baked gingerbread men, decorated sugar cookies in the shapes of stars and Christmas trees and rolled chocolate balls for us at Christmas. We’d all help decorate (and eat!) them.

Poppa made us special things in his wood-working workshop – name plates for our bedroom doors, loon-shaped coin banks, trains, doll beds, toys, nativity mangers, picture frames, large wooden initials and even a beautiful cradle for each of their three children, to pass along to grandchildren.
Beema baked her world famous chocolate chip cookies for our high school sports teams, cookies that filled boxes to be shared on the team bus on road trips.
Poppa let us win at cards, playing cribbage, “31”, and euchre.
Beema knit mittens and read us bedtime stories over and over and over again.
Beema and Poppa cheered us on at our volleyball, soccer and hockey games; our marching band, swimming and cross-country ski competitions; our horse shows. They celebrated our graduations from kindergarten, high school, college and university.

But most of all we know that when Beema and Poppa did all these things with us, when they tickled us, read to us, laughed with us, teased us and hugged us, we just knew that they loved us.
We love you too Beema & Poppa.
Your grandkids
Cameron, Lianne, Jon, Meghan, Emily, Joshua, Daniel, Shane & Chris…and your great grand daughter Lilly.

Honoured by Sue Buckle.