Madigan, Joseph Neil #1969 *

Honoured by his children, Cathy, John and Michael Madigan.

A Dad is respected because he gives his children leadership.
A Dad is appreciated because he gives his children care.
A Dad is valued because he gives his children time.
A Dad is loved because he gives his children the one thing
they treasure most – himself.

Joseph Neil Madigan was born at home on Third Avenue in North Bay, on December 13, 1937 to parents, John Joseph Madigan and Margaret Madigan (nee Hicks). As a young boy he regularly loved visiting his relatives in the Ottawa Valley area and helping as a summer farm hand.

In the 1950’s, he attended Scollard Hall in North Bay. He played school sports such as hockey, track and field and Junior Bears’ football. After graduation he worked as land surveyor for the Ontario Government, a job which incorporated his lifelong appreciation for the outdoors.

On January 12, 1963 he married his long time hometown sweetheart, Noreen Ellen Mackenzie. Neil and Noreen had three children: Cathy, John and Michael and were blessed with five grandchildren: Ryan, Lauren, Alisondra, Alana and Ysabella.

In late 1963 a long standing Irish family tradition of dedication to public service caused Neil to seek out a profession as a police officer. On November 18, 1963 he took the Oath of Service as police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police Force. The O.P.P led Neil back to the North Bay Detachment where he was told his first posting would be in Parry Sound. Neil began policing in Parry Sound in early December 1963 where he developed a love of Georgian Bay, the wind-swept pines and the warmth of the people, which caused him to serve and protect the people there for the next 31 years. On November 30, 1994, he retired. In April 1995, a large O.P.P. gathering took place attended by family, friends, co-workers, provincial and local politicians.

His two passions in life (besides his family) are hunting and watching the Toronto Maple Leafs. Autumn is his favourite time of year as he embraces the fall colours and the long trip into Northern Ontario with his brother Lee. He loves the fall with the moose/deer hunt coinciding with the Maple Leafs still being considered in contention, this is an enjoyable time of the year for Neil!

Neil has always made time for his family and friends. The summer and autumn evening bonfires at the Madigan Family country home in Parry Sound blaze long into the starry sky as do the fisherman’s campfire tales much to the delight of the grandchildren. His ties and love of North Bay stay constant to this day.