Shulman, Dr. Garry #1965 *

It takes many leaves to cover a tree and many branches to come together and form the trunk.  Our community is that tree and I want to tell you about one leaf.

One leaf that I know wishes it were still bright green and full of life…. fluttering in the breeze…meeting other leaves…..talking to other leaves…helping other leaves in times of stress so they could believe in themselves and become the best leaf on the tree.

This one special leaf spent a lifetime attaining knowledge and then imparting it to any other leaf that might listen.  This leaf demonstrated to many other leaves that hard work is the overriding ingredient for success and that no project is unattainable if determined to succeed.

Even though this special leaf influenced several other leaves on the tree, it received so much energy back.  This leaf thrived on all the accomplishments of the other leaves and needed this positive feedback which kept it healthy and a brilliant green.

This one special leaf met another special leaf in the springtime of life on the tree.  They were just buds ready to burst into adult leaves.  At first they were just friends but soon both leaves knew that the other leaf would enhance their life so they started growing together on one little branch of the tree.  For a time they basked in the sunshine and forgot other leaves were around them. Both were carefree leaves taking advantage of their youthful exuberance and energy.  Both leaves knew that it would take hard work and compromise to stay together on that little branch and
not be blown apart by the periodic winds that would bend the bigger branch holding them high.  Both leaves enjoyed being close to each other and helping the other when necessary.  Both leaves, they knew that their time on the tree had to be well spent and they both took advantage of all the opportunities afforded them on that little branch. Both leaves knew that in order to survive on that branch they had to let each other be free yet secure.  Each of them knew that the wind may take them in different directions but each knew that they would return to their stable place on that branch.

The tree grew and the branch added three new buds to the branch.  Both leaves knew that these little leaves would add a wonderful dimension to their lives on the tree as now they could enjoy watching these little leaves grow into adulthood.  The special leaf taught the new little leaves many life lessons….life on the tree should be lived to the fullest….. life on the tree will become richer the more you give……never miss an opportunity to teach during your life on the tree….never be afraid to try new things…..never doubt your abilities if you are willing to work hard and persevere….never miss the chance to love.

Life on the tree was very pleasant for a long period.  The new leaves on that little branch matured and each one pursued dreams.  As with life anywhere, there are always bumps along the way…even for leaves.  Sometimes there aren’t enough nutrients, sometimes the sun is too hot, sometimes the wind blows too hard and it can cause damage or sickness to the leaves.  Our special leaf did get diseased.  When we knew our leaf was sick we were all saddened yet hopeful that our special leaf would be able to overcome this setback.  Our leaf tried everything to get better and wasn’t going to accept the bleak picture painted by some.  This is when our leaf started the journey to healing.  This is when our leaf opened the minds of leaves close by to the many aspects of the universe and the power within.  This is when our special leaf looked into the future as if there was no end.

Our special leaf, in the face of death, was very courageous.  That leaf knew his branch was very strong and would continue to grow and add to the fullness of the tree.  There was no lamenting about life on the tree.   Time on the tree had been well spent and filled with many experiences,
total energy and passion for life on that tree.

Our leaf, Garry Shulman, fell off that tree on July  15, 2008 but our family and those who loved him can still feel the stirring of the air as his leaf makes its way to the ground.  It is still floating….keeping aloft by the force of our love for him and his unrelenting energy and passion for

How did our special leaf influence the life of the many leaves who knew and loved him?  There are so many ways.  Our leaf taught us to always make the most of our abilities, relish in the accomplishments of others, be generous with your time and energy, have passion for what you enjoy, explore unique possibilities, surround yourself with positive energy, be physical, travel to new places, don’t always have a schedule, have fun, be adventurous, enjoy life, love deeply.

Our special leaf enjoyed every challenge and new adventure so that even though life on the tree
was cut short our leaf had lived more, loved more and received more from life than most leaves in several lifetimes.

Our leaf would want you to remember his lessons, bring them into your heart and allow them to make your life richer.  This is how we can truly honor the memory of our special leaf………..Garry Shulman………………

Written with love by the family of Garry Shulman