Potvin, Michele & Jerry Fricker #1960 *

Honoured by Jaclyn Pitman.

My sister Michele had the most genuine, kindest soul.  You couldn’t help being taken in by her charm and cheerful disposition.  Although she was older, Michele would introduce me, with great pride, to anyone in her proximity, as her big sister, a gesture that always warmed my heart.

Daughter to Jack and Marilyn Potvin, Michele was born May 10, 1960 with a congenital heart defect, Von Willebrand disease, and Noonan Syndrome.  From the very beginning this little one found her strength to overcome.  Spending her younger years in and out of Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto, Michele persevered with her strong will and happy spirit in check; a little
stubbornness too!  Although Michele was unable to attend school, she went on to live a normal, loving and fulfilling life.

A social butterfly, Michele mad many new friends along the way.  Bowling was her passion, and since she was so good at it, Michele became part of the ‘Special Olympics’ bowling team. Here is
where she met the love of her life, Jerry Fricker.  Within a short time these two were inseparable.  Paving the way for themselves and others, Jerry and Michele were married September 18, 1999.  A beautiful wedding was celebrated with many family and friends.

The happy couple began life  as husband and wife in their very own apartment, a new-found independence for both.  Every day was an adventure for this very special pair.  They spent all their time together, never wasting a moment.  It was obvious to everyone that they were very much in love.

Sadly on August 1, 2004 at the age of 44, Michele passed away suddenly.  For the ones closest to her, it was a loss that was felt deeply.  Without her, our lives would never be the same.  Who she
was and the love she bestowed upon us, is etched in our hearts for  eternity.

Michele was an inspiration to all who knew and loved her.  An angel disguised as my sister, she taught me about compassion, about myself and about the power of unconditional love.