Leblanc, Brenda Lee #1958 *

My hero is my Nana Brenda because of all of the wonderful things she has done for me. She’s always been able to help me, no matter what she’s doing. I was only five at the time and I found out that I had coagulation of the aorta and I need a metal stint in the main aorta. They could not do open heart surgery. My blood pressure was too high.

My operations have been simple to cope with and I recuperate well from my operations. I go to her house to get better. My surgical team is awesome and so kind. I love my grandmother a whole lot. She always knows what’s wrong and helps me to feel better. So that’s my story about my hero and how she is always there for me.

By Molly McKenzie Leblanc, 10, and published in “You’re My Hero North Bay” by Barry Spilchuk and Penny Tremblay (2007)

Brenda Leblanc was an amazing caregiver… “an angel among us”… not only for her grandchildren but also for our parents, Dr. Jim and Jessie Jamieson. She became acquainted with our family in August 2002 and remained with us until October of 2010, when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She passed away on Jan. 21, 2011. We miss her dearly and wish to dedicate this leaf of inspiration in her memory.

The Jamieson Daughters