Martineau, Rejeanne & Gerard #1028 *


On October 29, 1950, newlyweds Réjeanne (Reggie) and Gérard (Gerry) Martineau arrived in this community. Gerry was employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company and had been transferred here from Montréal, Québec, with his new wife who spoke very little English.

They made North Bay their home and raised four daughters: Nicole, Carole, Lise, and Ginette. With no relatives for support, they embraced the community and formed long-lasting bonds with neighbours and coworkers.

Gerry also worked as a fur grader for the Ontario Trappers’ Association. Il était aussi le directeur général du Centre des Compagnons des francs loisirs et fut honoré par la communauté francophone pour son leadership exceptionnel avec l’appui inébranlable de son épouse. Il a été membre de la Ligue du Sacré-Coeur, des Chevaliers de Colomb, du Club Richelieu, de la Commission scolaire, et directeur et ancien président de la Caisse populaire North Bay Ltée.

Réjeanne worked for Canada Post as secretary to the director of the Northern Postal District and served under four different directors. She was known as a very happy, upbeat, and friendly individual with a million-dollar smile. She made friendships that would last until her passing in 1995. Her daughters will never forget her tender voice asking, “Anybody home?” or “Are we having fun yet?”

Gerry was an avid sportsman, belonged to the North Bay Golf & Country Club, played baseball and hockey on numerous teams, and filled many administrative positions for every sport in which he participated. In his later years, you could spot him at Memorial Gardens or at a baseball field discussing sports with other spectators.

À sa retraite, Réjeanne consacra son temps précieux à sa famille et à ses dix petits enfants et se porta volontaire à Casselholme.

Thank goodness for that train bound for North Bay where Réjeanne and Gérard chose to make their home. Nous remercions nos parents d’avoir inculqué en nous un sens d’appartenance et un désir de redonner à notre communauté comme ils l’ont fait si généreusement.

Avec beaucoup d’amour,
Nicole Perron
Carole Laperrière
Lise Paulin
Ginette Brindle