King, Neo #17 *

Honoured by Tricia Mills, Betty Hurley and Mary Jane St. Onges.

Neo King is a special child who brings love and joy to everyone who knows him.  Neo doesn’t talk, walk or feed himself, but he communicates through the heart.  His winning smile can light up a room, his hug can turn a challenging day into a positive one.  Neo loves people and pets and responds to his favourite music.  I have learned from this little person that the will to live can defy all the odds and that even under the most difficult circumstances life can hold true meaning.

Every child deserves to be nurtured, safe, protected and loved.  My hope is that all children who have broken bodies and spirits will find the kind of home that Neo has and a village that loves them as his does.  May we as citizens of North Bay make it our mandate to cherish and protect the life of every child.