McLaughlin, Anne #1024 *

Honoured by Patrick, Lorna, Jennifer and Jessica McLaughlin.

Anne McLaughlin grew up in North Bay and lived here all her life.  She worked at Canadore College for 20 years and enjoyed being with young people.  She had a small circle of very good friends who were there for her through the good and bad.  She loved her family, her home and her friends.  She loved the waterfront, walking its length many times, enjoying what was being done there.  She never missed an opportunity to take her nieces and nephew to the Heritage Carousel and Train.  She enjoyed the rides as much as they did.

She loved the lake and took many pictures of it at different times of day, in different kinds of weather during all the seasons.

She liked to travel but always liked coming home.

She was an inspiration to us with her indomitable spirit, her positive attitude, her outlook on life and her simple enjoyment of time spent with friends and family.

She is missed by all.

Photos at left taken by Anne McLaughlin